Energy Storage

Jonas & Redmann concentrates its energies on the automation of machines and production processes for highly sensitive products in industrial manufacturing applications. In this manner, the product and solution portfolio covers critical technological steps in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. Within the value-added segments cell- and module assembly, we provide customized solutions for laboratory applications, equipment for pilot production and complete assembly lines for lithium-ion battery manufacturing.





Our Success Factors


  • More than 25 years experience in high-tech engineering
  • Excellent knowledge of processes and a comprehensive understanding of production in various high-tech industries, such as photovoltaics and medical appliances




  • Experienced engineering team that provides assistance in all project phases
  • Engineered  automation solutions for production processes that were previously considered impossible to automate
  • Development capabilities from  individual, custom-made machines to entire production lines
  • Modular system approach offering maximum flexibility




  • Very gentle handling of highly sensitive materials and small parts with guaranteed high throughput rates
  • Very precise pick and place
  • Proven, patented handling solutions for various industries
  • Years of experience in handling foils (e.g. rolling, unrolling, forming)




  • Intelligent integration of automation technology into process technology for increased efficiency
  • Vast experience integrating a large variety of measuring systems for inline quality control.



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