09.06.2016 | Automatica 2016

Assembly Platforms - Tailor-made and highly flexible

The versatile ModuleCell for an extended service life

The Jonas & Redmann modular kit enables standardised module cells in different construction sizes to be designed quickly. Combined with a large number of standardised automation components, customer-specific processing and mounting tasks can be converted into modern systems technology within a very short period of time.
A tool carrier transport system links the self-sufficient module cells and turns them into complete mounting systems. In this way, as many functions as required can be implemented one after the other through successive sequencing. The type of tool carrier and the degree of automation or linkage can be selected by the customer as required, depending on the piece number to be produced. When piece numbers during the product launch stage are low, or when there is a high degree of partial flexibility, manual jobs with a low degree of automation and investment can be created. If higher piece numbers are required during the product life cycle, the modules can be extended to create an automated mounting system. Individual modules can easily be added or removed since each module is fitted with its own control system.

The innovative GR01 and GL01 basic machines

Jonas & Redmann also continue to offer the GR01 rotary indexing module and the GL01 linear module in different sizes for small to medium-sized components and high cycle outputs. The cost-efficient, compact Jonas & Redmann GR01 is based on a highly flexible approach with regard to scale, the handling path and handling period. What is new here is the use of a rotary indexing machine with a special “cam disc”. Instead of being controlled via a mechanical cam disc, the system is controlled via an electrical (‘virtual’) one. The concept combines the advantage of a mechanical curve with the advantage of the flexibility offered by electrical axes. It also stands out for the use of high-quality, tried and tested individual components, through its durability and very high technical availability, and in this way reduces maintenance costs considerably. Modules of this type are the system of choice with fast, overlapping movement sequences. The GR01 enables a cycle output of 60 cycles/min with simple processing. Through multiple processing, the system output can be increased accordingly.                      
In principle, the Jonas & Redmann GL01 offers the same development approach. The linear system is designed for larger components and a considerably greater number of workstations. The GL01 is generally available in three module sizes, which can be connected to each other via decoupling modules.
Both systems, the GR01 and GL01, bring together all processing-specific advantages of a special machine and the advantages of flexible production cells that are quick to modify. In this way, the specific degrees of automation in each case, as well as fluctuations in variant and piece numbers, can be efficiently managed throughout the life cycle of a product.

We look forward to present this groundbreaking module kit live at Automatica. Experience our assembly platforms GR01 and ModuleCell from June 21-24, 2016 in Hall A6 at our booth no. 335. For questions or appointments, please contact Mrs. Elke Beune.

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