30.06.2017 | Medical Engineering

Successful installation of 20th Automatic Bundling Machine

In Q2/2017, Jonas & Redmann delivered the 20th Automatic Bundling Machine for Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) and successfully installed it in Ogden, Utah, USA.
An Automatic Bundling Machine performs all the steps necessary to assemble hollow fibers for dialyzer production, thus processing them into bundles with a fixed number of fibers. As a core piece of the dialyzer, such a bundle then filters the blood of a patient. In view of the highest demands on product quality and safety, the fiber bundles had to be assembled by hand. The background: The highly sensitive, filigreed fibers have a diameter of only about a quarter millimeter - they are roughly as thin as a human hair and also hollow inside - and must all be undamaged as a component of a medical product. The Machine not only meets the demanding production requirements, but at the same time reduces the production costs.

Dialyzers and the required hollow fibers, Fresenius Medical Care manufactures, among others, in St. Wendel (Germany), in L'Arbresle (France), in Inukai (Japan) and in Ogden, USA. In this largest plant in the USA, Fresenius Medical Care already achieved very good results in terms of quantity and efficiency before the installation of the Automatic Bundling Machine, which could now be significantly increased. The installed machine guarantees an Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of 99.76% with a throughput of 15.680 bundles / 24h (depending on the format).

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