Jonas & Redmann is a Founding Member of Berlin Solar Network e.V. (BSN) and on its Executive Committee

The Berlin Solar Network e.V. (BSN), a German registered association representing the interests of the Berlin solar industry, was founded on July 7, 2010. The network links companies active in this sector with Berlin’s scientific community that is involved in this field and which is recognized around the world for its excellence. Dagmar Vogt, CEO of the vogt group SE, was appointed chair of the executive committee. Jonas & Redmann is represented on the executive committee by Olga Bosch.

Olga Bosch, Head of Corporate Communications at Jonas & Redmann: “We are involved in BSN because we believe that increased cooperation is important. Our company is part of a growth industry that provides many jobs. We feel that it makes sense to represent the interests of Berlin's solar industry  in a strong network by bringing our strengths together  meaningfully.”

The Berlin Solar Network is being developed to create a network that can act quickly and intently while influencing the political, economic and legal environments. One of its chief goals also includes close cooperation with other solar organizations, such as the German Solar Industry Association [“Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V”. (BSW-Solar)], the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), and the German federal state of Brandenburg.

As a significant portion of Berlin’s solar industry, we at Jonas & Redmann believe that we have the responsibility to advance the interests of our sector of the economy, and we are convinced that the greater strength provided by an association will bring greater benefits than can be achieved by a company working alone. The recent debates concerning the German federal government’s drastic reduction in feed-in compensation rates show the importance of such a joining together to pursue common goals. Through our participation in BSN, we are actively involved in the further development of Berlin as an industrial center.

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