Working together for more women in the careers of the future: Jonas & Redmann becomes a National Pact partner

Jonas & Redmann is one of the leading technology providers worldwide for automating the industrial manufacture of solar wafers and solar cells. For more than 10 years, our innovations have contributed significantly to the international photovoltaic industry’s level of performance.

Highly educated specialists form the basis of our success.   We apply a variety of strategies in order to meet the future demand for skilled employees. We invest in the development and training of our staff and build lasting working relationships with educational and research institutions for recruitment. Through our partnership with the National Pact, we stand fast in the pursuit of the goals of sustainable human resource management, which ensures that we have enough skilled specialists in the future. 

“It is our goal to secure and extend our market leadership. Through our MINT partnership, we would like to appeal to women directly and ask them to accompany Jonas & Redmann on this path. As an expanding company in several future industries, we offer excellent options for women starting their professional careers,” says Stefan Jonas, Executive Director and head of Human Resources at Jonas & Redmann.

In the mean time, over 80 companies have joined forces through the National Pact to increase their respective efforts and discover new possibilities to support women’s careers.


About “Go MINT!”

“Go MINT!” – the National Pact for Women in MINT Careers is an initiative supported by the government, members of the business and scientific communities and the media with the goal of changing the image of MINT careers in society. “Go MINT!” is part of “Aufstieg durch Bildung” [Advancement Through Education], a qualification initiative of the German federal government. The initiative was started in 2008 by Federal Minister of Education Annette Schavan with the goal of inspiring women to study natural sciences and technology and getting female graduates interested in career in business.


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