02.12.2014 | anniversary

25 years Jonas & Redmann

25 years ago, the educated precision engineers Stefan Jonas & Lutz Redmann founded their company in today’s capital city of Berlin with their profound technical know-how and love for perfection, and have developed the company to become Berlin’s largest special purpose machine builders. "With only the shirts on their backs and a few good ideas," as Lutz Redmann says.

Our two founders still head the company and have lost nothing of their enthusiasm for technology. With our developments, the focus is usually on the perfect solution and not on the largest possible turnover.

Jonas & Redman currently has over 400 employees worldwide, with 360 colleagues at the Berlin site, 40 employees in Freiburg, and around 50 specialists in the foreign offices. Our most important divisions are medical technology (since our founding), photovoltaics (since 1999) and energy storage technology (since 2009/2010), as well as cross-divisional assembly automation.

As early as 2001, Jonas & Redmann began automating the most challenging handling steps in the manufacture of solar cells, thereby setting worldwide standards. In 2002, the first line automation followed, and with it the integration of the entire value-added chain in the area of crystalline silicon solar cells, followed in 2005 by the integration of an entire solar cell factory, which is considered a milestone in material logistics. In 2007, we delivered the first Wafer Inspection System (WIS), a fully-automatic test unit for mono and polycrystalline silicon wafers (sawn silicon discs that serve as the starting point for the manufacture of solar cells). In 2008, JRT Photovoltaics was founded as part of the Jonas & Redman Group, and the JRT metallization line was introduced to the market. In 2009, Jonas & Redmann founded subsidiaries in Taiwan and the US before the business area energy storage technology followed in 2010 and the founding of the Jonas & Redmann China Co. Ltd in 2011.

Our machines are produced with the greatest possible expertise and ability to solve problems and in most cases are "the first of their kind". Jonas & Redmann already registered its first patent in 1992, three years after its founding. "Often, a problem brought to us by a customer later becomes a basic solution," explains Stefan Jonas. An innovative, aesthetic design and perfection down to the last screw even "under the hood" are trademarks that we value highly. "We build machines that can do good," which is important to Jonas & Redmann, even apart from the economic success. In the field of medical technology, our complete systems manufacture dialysis filters. The innovations in plant engineering for the manufacturing of solar cells and energy storage systems contribute to the efficient use of renewable energy.

Since its founding, for Jonas & Redmann, "Made in Germany" has been a fundamental promise with substance and a declared goal of the company, apart from potential site advantages and disadvantages.