Battery technology: Jonas & Redmann automates production line for battery cells

The Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH accomplishes pioneer work in the field of energy storage with efficient production technology for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. The Jonas & Redmann Group, as automation specialist, has partnered up with Dispatch Energy Innovations GmbH to put their respective strengths to the test in this growth market. 

Dispatch Energy Innovations will begin setting up a fully automated production line for lithium-based storage batteries in the third quarter of 2011 already. The systems in the Black Diamond series are used to provide an efficient means of intermediate storage for solar power that has been generated decentrally and on cost-effective terms, which greatly overshadows storage technologies available today.

The intensive development work and close cooperation with Jonas & Redmann, the Berlin-based automation specialist, have set the stage for startup of this cutting-edge production process. The company provided its expertise in factory automation garnered over several decades. The systems of the technology provider have been proven across the globe in a variety of future-oriented industries such as in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells. Lutz Redmann, founder and CEO of Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH observes: "Our many years of experience in automation of production processes and the resulting expertise we have gained, in particular in terms of handling highly sensitive materials, lead us to developing technological solutions that steer the advances made in energy storage, a growth market."

In the process, Dispatch Energy Innovations has achieved yet milestone along the path to providing a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy supply.

“For us, the startup of this systems park is a tremendous milestone. Dispatch Energy makes the jump from manual cell assembly to an automated one. It offers us the chance to increase output in 2011, yet not getting in the way of our high quality, and it represents stage one in our expansion,” explains Thomas Richter, COO at Dispatch Energy Innovations.