ProTrak - Production engineering for e-mobility

The German Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) supports the technology consortium ProTrak. Under the leadership of the Jonas & Redmann Group, the consortium develops process technology for the mass production of cost-effective lithium cells.

Electromobility represents the beginning of a new era in the mobility sector and for the electrification of drives battery technology is one of the most important levers for sustainable mobility. Presently, battery cell technologies for automotive applications are still in their infancy and remain expensive. Fully automating battery cell manufacturing and innovating production are decisive factors in reducing the cost of batteries, and thereby advancing electromobility.


The technology consortium ProTrak is focused on production engineering for manufacturing lithium cells and on technological innovations in the areas of handling, cutting, packaging, electrolyte filling, forming, and testing..  Protrak is dedicated to developing, prototype technologies for the industrial production of cost-effective lithium cells. The goal is the integration of a linked modular system concept and optimization of cost-intensive process steps. Through this, the project promotes the development of battery-powered electric vehicles and serves the implementation of the national development plan for electromobility created by the German federal government, as well as helping to establish a German battery supplier market.

The Jonas & Redmann Group is the leader of the ProTrak consortium. The Berlin automation specialist possesses extensive technological expertise in the fields of handling, factory automation, measuring systems and process integration. Always focused on enabling the most reliable production processes, in the past decades Jonas & Redmann has created many solutions for different high-tech industries. Successful projects for industrial market leaders worldwide, such as Bosch and Fresenius Medical Care, have resulted in pioneering developments of automation and production technologies. This experience forms the basis for the work of the ProTrak consortium, which develops the system technology required to manufacture high-performance batteries based on the newest technologies in special-purpose machinery. Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Redmann, Managing Director of the Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH, explains: “The comprehensive optimization of the manufacturing process plays a key role in reducing the battery costs per kilowatt hour. The continued independent development of individual technologies alone is not enough to achieve system capability. Through this partnership, we are creating a synergy potential large enough to enable us to conceive and realize a high-performance, linked production system.” The other consortium partners are Celono, Dispatch Energy Innovations GmbH, Fraunhofer ISE, Fraunhofer ISIT, ISRA Vision AG, Laser Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH, TU Berlin-IWF, and the WITT IndustrieElektronik GmbH.